GOTRI December 2017 Feature Article

B&H Wealth Strategies — Helping you stay financially and physically fit! Clients become family members over time.  We discuss health and how to stay connected, engaged, and active members of the community.  We help them replace their identity after leaving... read more

Whose Retirement Directions are you following?

Have you ever taken a wrong turn, or worse, ended up lost or out of sorts because of your GPS? Maybe you were guided into a construction zone or the signs and guideposts promised on the map weren’t actually there. Either way, when it comes to charting your way... read more


Luke had finally achieved his goal of playing on the high school varsity football team and was excited to play in big home coming game. The stands were packed and as they entered the fourth quarter he was sent back to receive a punt. The coaches considered Luke a... read more

Getting (Mentally) Ready to Retire

A successful retirement is not merely measured in financial terms. Even those who retire with small fortunes can face boredom or depression and the fear of drawing down their savings too fast. How can new retirees try to calm these worries? Two factors may help: a... read more


One of the major challenges affecting both advisors and investors is that there is no middle ground between professionals and DIY type investors. For the most part, investors are either totally dependent on an advisor or completely independent. But it doesn’t... read more

Retirement’s Grandma Factor

More and more working women within 3-5 years of retirement are becoming grandmothers and are faced with one of retirement’s most challenging questions. Should they retire early or change their work status in order to be a grandma? This can be a sticky situation... read more

Does The Retirement Buckets Strategy Really Work?

Many investors have either heard or read about the retirement income strategy that uses three buckets. Each bucket represents a pot of money with a time frame for its use. The first bucket is typically designated for years 1-5, the second for years 5-15, and the third... read more