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B&H Wealth Strategies works with retirees and potential retirees to help them create a comprehensive retirement plan encompassing a holistic view of retirement.  Many of us consider our health & wealth as separate and distinct aspects of life.  More and more people however are discovering the relationship between maintaining good health through the years and effectively planning and maintaining their financial affairs

With more and more households concerned that rising healthcare costs could impact their ability to enjoy retirement, it is clear this is a critical issue that can affect anyone’s financial plan, regardless of income.  Also, as life expectancies increase, we face not only the possibility of our own health-related expenses, but also our parents.  For this reason, the concept of combining health and wealth considerations for a more holistic approach to financial management makes perfect sense.

Adopting a holistic, comprehensive approach that encompasses an increasing range of alternative health and wealth options can help you obtain better long-term results.

For many, financial planning is very difficult to execute.  Dealing with various issues related to lifestyle, family obligations and legacy can be complex and daunting.  As a result, many people wait until a crisis forces them to focus on what needs to be done.  This lack of planning prevents them from benefiting from simple and proven actions that can be taken now, enabling them to determine tradeoffs between current and future needs so they can reach their goals over time – without paying high transfer taxes or sacrificing quality of life.

Effective financial planning incorporates a holistic approach – starting with a deep understanding of ones values, developing a comprehensive plan around personal goals and implementing solutions in a timely, cost-effective manner.

One sophisticated analytical tool employed by B&H Wealth Strategies is used to help individuals better predict future financial needs.  This tool enables us to incorporate a client’s goals and values along with a full range of financial resources to model scenarios and help estimate whether individuals have sufficient financialresources tosupport themselves and their families during their life expectancy.

This holistic approach to sound financial planning makes B&H Wealth Strategies unique and well respected.

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