B&H Wealth Strategies
was originally founded as Bingham & Hensley in 1966 by Bob Bingham & Norman Hensley. Jeff Bingham joined the firm in 1989. In 2013, Bingham & Hensley became B&H Wealth Strategies so that the name would better convey the nature of the business.

Today, Jeff Bingham solely owns and operates B&H Wealth Strategies with a staff of three full-time employees and one part-time employee. B&H Wealth Strategies is the oldest firm of its kind in Northeast Tennessee. We are a locally owned, full service financial planning firm offering a full range of retirement and investment options and services through Silver Oak Securities as an independent firm. We never sell or promote proprietary products.

Jeff Bingham, President, is a firm believer in personal well-being through healthy eating and exercise. He is also a highly passionate supporter of this same healthy lifestyle for retirees. He believes that retirement is not all about dollars and cents, but also about a healthy lifestyle which includes the social, mental, and physical qualities of life. He believes that the finest financial plan is worthless if your health is compromised during retirement.

The office of B&H Wealth Strategies is located at 1402 E. Center Street on the corner of Center and Lamont Streets. You will find us in a house with parking available from the Lamont Street side of the business. We have a friendly staff who will greet you as you come in through the kitchen of this warmly decorated house. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable and will do our best to accommodate all your retirement planning needs.

Give us a call at 423-247-1152 to get started today.

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