By Catherine Rhinehart

In my opinion, caregiving is one of the most difficult jobs that you will never regret you took on.  When the parent/child roll reverses, it causes a lot of inward pain.  Sometimes you may lose your best friend as their mind slips. Sometimes you become the enemy, but you do what you know is best for all.  This person, who cared for you through your childhood and those turbulent teen years, is now in your care.  Often, they forget the rules of being gracious or thoughtful and revert to selfish, childlike behavior.  We must find love, patience and most of all a sense of humor.  We need to learn to delegate.  No one should take the caregiving role on singlehandedly.  If there are siblings, take turns and give each other a break.  If there are resources, hire outside help.  All of these options help make the caregiving role more pleasant for all involved.