When it comes to the game-time performance of professional athletes, nothing is left to chance—including their dinners.

In a cool, behind-the-scenes look at the nutritional tactics of the Toronto Blue Jays, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics created a new video (see it below) featuring the team’s registered dietitian nutritionist and board-certified sports dietetics specialist Leslie Bonci. As you would guess, what happens off the field is just as important to winning as what happens during the game.

Bonci says her mission is to provide players with an edge, and she does that by using food to deliver the power and stamina the athletes need to play at peak performance.

With the help of Bonci, catcher Russell Martin says he’s seen results firsthand. “If you take care of the type of fuel you put in your body, it can definitely help you.”

And every time one of her guys has a stellar game, Bonci gets to puff up with a little bit of pride. “When I have the chance to watch my players, whether they’re throwing somebody out at the plate or whether they’re hitting a homerun, and just to think, maybe that kale, maybe that spinach had something to do with it—that is just awesome,” she says. (Seems like even professional athletes are on team kale!)

“Every team is looking for that winning edge,” she adds. Check out the video here to learn how Bonci helps the Blue Jays find theirs.

By Jenna Birch