By Jeff Bingham

Rosalynn Carter said there are 4 kinds of people in this world:  those that will become caregivers, those who are caregivers, those who were caregivers, and those who will need caregivers.  The national statistics certainly support that statement.  It is estimated that 65 million Americans provide assistance to family members.

My family has not escaped this national epidemic, in fact we have been impacted greatly.  I have seen or been involved in the direct care of my grandmother, my father, and my mother.  My wife Jennifer, who 10 years ago needed care as she battled and won against cancer after the birth of our 3rd child – is providing and coordinating the care for her mother.  Jennifer is the embodiment of what a family caregiver’s challenges are;  1. working   2. raising a family   3. caregiver for her mother, and  4. trying to live life.  I watch her do this every day.  It is done out of love and devotion to her family.  It is exhausting and thankless – most of the time.

So to my wife Jennifer and the other family caregivers, let me take this opportunity to say Thanks!