GenerationWhat Grand Kids Can Teach You About Retirement

One day a young girl asked her grandmother, “Nana, how come things get messy all the time?” She replied, “What do you mean honey?” She said, “You know Nana, when things aren’t perfect, like my desk right now. There is stuff all over the place. It’s messy but just last night I had made it perfect… But it never stays that way and gets messy all the time.” The grandmother asked her young granddaughter, “Show me what it’s like when things are perfect.” She quickly began to move things onto her shelf and into individually assigned containers and said, “There Nana, now it’s perfect. But it won’t stay that way.” Now the grandmother asked her, “What happens if I move your pencil box over here to this spot? Then what happens?” She said, “No, Nana, that’s not the right spot and you’re making it messy… and it would have to be straight and not crooked the way you put it.” Then she asked her, “What if I moved your markers over here like that?” “Now you’re making it messy again Nana,” she responded. “What if your drawing pad and this other book are left opened like this?” the grandmother continued. “That’s messy too Nana!” she replied. The grandmother slowly turned to her granddaughter and said “Honey, it’s not that things get messy so easily, it’s that you have more ways for things to get messy and only one way for things to be perfect.” Often times retirement is depicted as this idyllic time filled with long walks on the beach, watching your grandchildren graduate from college, and worldwide travel but it can be anything but that. Whether its family, the stock market, or your mental and physical health, things may get messy in retirement… especially if you’re not prepared to deal with everything that can come with it. At B&H Wealth Management, we understand the intricate connection between the personal and financial aspects of retirement. Over time we have learned that when life changes, so does your financial situation, and vice-versa. We value all that comes with transitions like retirement and are here to provide support as you grow and evolve within it. Take the next step with our cutting edge Retirement Priorities Quiz, download one of our Empowering Retirement Guides, or get inspired with our Retirement Wellness Newsletter. Still have a question or want to share your feedback? Email me personally by clicking here or feel free to call at (423) 247-1152